KFP Magnum Pads

  • $199.95

KFP Magnum brake pads were, and still are a classic and proven choice for your air-cooled street and track-driven Porsche. Now with updated Carbon-Kevlar compounds that dust less and are easier on rotors, and ceramic heat-shielding that reduces heat transfer to brake fluid, they are the go-to pad of many track rats and canyon runners in the old school Porsche world. We offer two variations to match differing driving styles and preferences. 

Gold- The most popular pad from KFP. Great all around street/track pad. .470 coefficient of friction. Easy on rotors, good modulation with a broad thermal range.

Purple- Aggressive track/race pad. .500 coefficient of friction. Good, stable friction at temperatures up to 1200° F. 

  Front Rear
65-68 911, 356C
KFP 31
KFP 30
69-73 911 T, E
KFP 31
KFP 31
69-73 911 S KFP 45 KFP 31
74-89 911 KFP 45 KFP 31
84-89 911 Turbo
KFP 345
KFP 345


If you are looking to try a set of KFP's and do not see your car in the table above or have aftermarket brakes and would like to try our compounds please contact us and we can get you what you need!