October 2018- I was at New Jersey Motorsports Park with my ‘86 911 and saw a fully built 70’s 911 with an original Wings pedal. I had seen them before on the forums but never in person. I got to wondering what ever happened to this brand that, by all accounts, had a great solution for the brake/gas distance issue in old 911’s. I decided I would try to do some digging and see what the story was and if there was a way I could bring the brand back.

With some investigative work and a few phone calls I was able to track down Wayne, the man originally behind the third foot™.  We met and I explained my passion to revive the brand. He was in his late eighties, very much retired and gave me his blessing to bring it back. 

 Nick and Wayne, November 2018

Nick and Wayne, November 2018

Around the same time I noticed the brand of pads my local Porsche specialist recommended and sold was scarcely available online. Most of the guys I knew with air-cooled cars ran KFP Magnums and I thought a tried and true street/track and track brake pad option would be another great product to offer alongside the third foot.

So here we are! Wings Air-Cooled Specialties offers a line of quality Made in the USA products for your classic Porsche. If there is another quality product you remember from the Porsche world’s yesteryear but can no longer find please tell us about it! We are always looking to expand and provide quality parts and accessories to the classic Porsche world.