the third foot™

  • $289.99

the third foot is a fully adjustable extension for the accelerator in your classic Porsche. This adjustability solves the depth issue between your brake and gas pedals, enabling effortless heel/toe shifting and eliminating the possibility of catching your foot on the brake when transitioning from the gas. 

  • Six-way adjustability enables complete driver customization
  • Retains and clamps to stock gas pedal for easy installation and removal
  • Made in USA with high-quality CNC machined aircraft aluminum  

Available now in two versions- "'76-'04" version will fit the following: '76-'89 911's, 964's, 993's, 944's, 928's, 986's and 996's. The "Pre-'75 version fits 911's 1975 and older as well as 914's. 987/997/981/991/718/992 in the pipeline! If you would like to be notified when they are available please shoot us an email at